Recover Router Password

Below are the steps to recover your router password.

  1. Pick up your router or modem and look for a sticker on its sides or bottom. Very frequently Internet Service Providers put router login information on the sticker and stick it to the router they supply. Also, it is very frequent for owners of the apartment units to put router or wi-fi login information on the router.
  2. Check if default password works for your router. You can use the list with router passwords at the bottom of this page and see if your router/modem is there. If not just try to search the internet for your router brand and model. You should find default user and password combination very quickly. If it doesn’t work it means that router login information was changed from the default
  3. Try to contact a person who could have information about the router setup details. It may be possible to contact your Internet Service Provider and ask for the login information. Very frequently ISPs setup routers with their own default passwords.
  4. Reset router to the default factory settings. This step is usually taken as a last resort since resetting your router will also reset all settings on your router to the default factory settings. After factory reset, you may be able to login to your router with a default password, but at the same time all settings will be reset too and you will have to apply them again. So make sure that you have enough skill to set up the router when you go the reset route. For more information on how to setup your router after reset visit website.

Router default credentials

If you haven’t updated your router password and username then you could lookup your router credentials below.